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Frequently Asked Questions

We get countless emails asking about transaxles so we have

put together a list of the most commonly asked questions.

  • What is a Freeway Flyer?
  • That is merely a term that has become industry accepted to describe a 4 speed VW transaxle that has been modified to allow faster freeway speeds at lower engine RPM. It can be a combination of different 4th gears or differentring and pinion gears. We build them to match your horsepower level and driving needs. But please realize, with only 4 speeds it may mean a compromise on youracceleration or the RPM drop between 3rd and 4th may increase. Of course, all of this can be overcome by properly matching the engine's horsepower output to your vehicle's weight and how you wish to drive.

  • What is a 5 speed and how much money?
  • The 5 speed is custom configured and engineered out of specially modified 4 speed components with aftermarket parts to allow a 5th gear for freeway cruising. We normally do these with closer ratio 1st through 4th gears and astock ratio or close to stock 4th gear as the new 5th gear. They are the best of both worlds for acceleration and good freeway speeds.They are however completely custom designed and built per your needs.Pricing is dependent on component selection, gear choices, modifications,etc. and generally run between $2900-$3900. They require advance payment and orders are not refundable or able to be canceled due to the custom nature of themodifications and parts required.

  • How long does it take once I place my order?
  • We have most years of stock units on the shelf and can ship immediately. If you want your specific transaxle rebuilt to keep originality, it takes us about 5 days after we receive it. If you want a performance unit, it may take slightly longer based on your options.

  • What performance options are available?
  • We can do anything, and can help you choose the right gear ratios and parts to meet your needs.Close ratio gears, TIG welding, case gussets, 4 spider diffs, Quaife differentials, and more are readily available.

  • I don't know what gears are in my existing transaxle, but I don't like it!
  • Send us your transaxle. We will disassemble it and assess the gear ratios and condition, then call you with suggestions and pricing.

  • Shipping and Cores
  • We ship via Fedex. They are fast and generally do not damage the transaxle during transit. When you send us yours for rebuild or core exchange, please do the following:

    • Drain the oil.
    • Wrap your transaxle up very well and use padding. They are heavy, and cardboard boxes are still just cardboard. Insure it if you want to be reimbursed by the shipper for any loss or damage. We have nothing to do with the transport of your transaxle and will not beresponsible if a shipper loses it or drops it off the truck.

    • Be sure the core you ship matches the unit you order from us. That is, don't order a transaxle for a 1974 Super Beetle and send in a core from a 1966 Beetle. If you are unsure what you are working with, give us a call. We can usually solve that question over the phone quite easily.

  • What makes a good core?
  • A good core is needed so we have units to build for the future. Good cores are units that get removed from cars due to mechanical problems and need to be replaced or those that are out for a thorough restoration. Cores that have been out in the weather, or have been run without oil so long they are burned up inside do not make good rebuildable exchanges. Also, older 6 volt transaxles that have been "ground out" to accommodate a 12 volt flywheel and are poorly cut through the starter bushing area or into the motor mounting studs, are not suited for core exchange. Remember, to save core charges, send a like kind transaxle suitable for rebuild. We also buy transaxle cores outright in all quantities and would be happy to hear from you.

  • What should I do now?
  • Call 817-274-7890 and we'll help you pick the best transaxle to match your needs!

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