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Flowbench - what is it?

The Bug Stop is one of the few VW shops equipped with a flow bench. We are the proud owners of a Super Flow professional flowbench equipped with a Flowcom computer.

What is that?

A flow bench is a machine that is able to accurately measure airflow through an object. Specifically for us, a cylinder head, intake or exhaust component.

Why does that matter?

Because we can make more power! We are able to accurately measure the airflow resistance of an object, and then after altering the mechanical size or shape of the item, we can re-measure and test the changes. For example, the flow through a port with a single angle valve job compared to a multi-angle valve job. Or if a larger valve installed into an otherwise stock head affects flow, or how combustion chamber shape can help or hinder flow. Some changes are easily implemented and offer great returns in terms of airflow and potential power. Others require more effort and therefore more cost with diminishing returns. And some changes will actually reduce airflow and velocity, thereby reducing your performance. If you are interested in porting your own heads, we offer consultation services. Or if you simply wish to have a head flow tested to verify your given flow numbers, we can test yours. And although we do not mass produce ported heads, we do considerable R & D work for others. We can test yours right here in house for $100 per pair and we offer quick turn around. We can also flow test other items you may wish to modify and will gladly quote you a price based on what you need. Feel free to call us at 817-274-7890 if you would like to discuss any specifics.


Unfinished chamber design.

Our flowbench.

Our Flowbench


Preparing to test some one-off, full billet heads.
Preparing to test some one-off, full billet heads.




Optimal exhaust port?Preparing tOptimal exhaust port?


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