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We Recycle Because We Care!

The Bug Stop and its staff are genuinely concerned about protecting our environment and its resources. That is why we not only use recycling
programs at home, but at our shop as well.

Here are a few things we do at our shop:

We Recycle all plastic and glass bottles, containers and packaging.

All used fluids, such as oil and solvents, are correctly stored and
turned in for recycling.

All batteries turned in for recycling.

All metal scrap and used metal parts as well as aluminum cans turned in
for recycling.

All office paper and paper packaging including cardboard is turned in
for recycling.

We buy office supplies made from recycled materials, including paper and
inks whenever possible.

We accept customer's used batteries, scrap metals and oils.

We do not use any Chlorinated parts cleaners or detergents.

These simple things allow us to generate only 1 small bag of trash per week
to end up in a landfill for our entire staff and shop. We encourage you to
do similar things.

Also, please make sure your car's tires are aired up! A single low tire makes your car difficult to push, thereby consuming more fuel. If you haven't checked them recently, please air them up. Based on experience, they are always a little low. And a visual inspection of tires does not indicate tire pressure. Most modern tires can have less than 10 psi in them still not look flat. Also, a tune-up and oil change will reduce tailpipe emissions and increase fuel mileage. These are just a few things we can all do to cause less damage to our planet.

Thanks! - The Staff at The Bug Stop




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